What Cross Docking Means to You

By Ardy
On June 25, 2014

Organizations today value speed and productivity more than ever. As part of your supply chain, cross docking might be a strategy you should implement to help give your company a competitive advantage. When implemented in the right conditions, cross docking can improve efficiency and handling times.

Benefits of Cross Docking

Many companies benefit from utilizing cross docking as a part of their supply chain. Some of these benefits include:

• Reduction in the time from production to customer
• Reduction in labor costs
• Reduction in the need for warehouse space

When to Consider Cross Docking

Although there are a number of competitive advantages of using cross docking, it may not always be the right strategy. Some goods and materials are better suited for it than others. Goods that might benefit from using cross docking include:

• Perishable items that must be shipped immediately
• High-quality items that don’t require inspections
• Pre-picked, pre-packaged customer orders
• Promotion items
• Products that are pre-tagged, pre-ticketed, and ready for sale
• And more.

Reliable Delivery’s uses cross-docking as part of our warehousing logistics solutions. Contact us today for information about our warehousing solutions and more.

Delivery Services Terminology

By Ardy
On June 18, 2014

The delivery services industry has a terminology its own, and it might be confusing to figure out what all these terms mean. Reliable Delivery is here to help. Below is a brief list of some common terms and phrases used in our industry.


Air freight Materials/goods shipped by air.


Bill of Lading (BOL or B/L) A bill of lading is a binding contract that serves as a receipt for goods delivered to the transportation provider for shipment. It’s also a description of the goods and evidence of title to the goods.


Commodity Goods shipped.


Cross Docking The process of transferring freight from one truck to another at a dock facility. This usually involves LTL freight.


Harmonized Service An international freight classification system.


Interstate Delivery Origin and destination points are not in the same state.


Intrastate Delivery Origin and destination points are in the same state.


Last Mile Movement of goods from a transport hub to a final destination.


Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Freight less than that required for the application of a truckload (TL) rate. LTL is usually less than 10,000 lbs.


Next Flight Out (NFO) This shipment method is used for shipping across long distances in a short amount of time.


Over-the-Road (OTR) Inter-city shipment.


Truckload (TL) A truckload is defined as freight usually weighing more than 10,000 lbs.

If you have questions about courier and delivery services, Reliable Delivery can help. Contact us today!

What to Look for In Expedited Delivery Providers

By Ardy
On June 11, 2014

Expedited delivery is different from traditional delivery because it generally involves a higher level of service and communication. Part of this is because expedited delivery services are called upon most often when something in your supply chain doesn’t operate as expected. Here are just a few things you should consider when choosing an expedited delivery provider.

Look Beyond Price

When you’re looking for a company that can meet stringent delivery requirements, price shouldn’t be a deciding factor. The biggest thing you should consider is what kind of value the delivery service brings to the table for a fair price. If you select an expedited delivery service on price alone, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to get burned down the road.


Another thing to consider before price is the reliability factor. Pricing may catch your eye, but a main deciding factor ought to be whether or not the expedited delivery service offers ongoing, dependable services. In addition, value-added services might be important for your business to consider.

Business Record

When evaluating a carrier, it’s recommended that you also evaluate their business growth and record. A company that is growing and adding new clients to its roster is a company that likely has the tools in place to be around for a while and continue to meet your needs. In addition, take a look at what types of clients they serve. If their client base is similar to your company, you know they’re likely to be able to meet your needs.

Contact Reliable Delivery today if you’re looking for dependable expedited shipping services.

How Secure is Your Warehouse?

By Ardy
On May 28, 2014

If you own a warehouse or are looking for a warehouse in which to store your products, security is likely at the top of your list of important items to consider. It’s a crucial part of your business operations that simply can’t be overlooked.

While there are many aspects of warehouse security to consider, many security companies will tell you that the biggest area to focus on is the layout. Here are some tips for ensuring that the warehouse you choose to store your products in is secure:

  • Limit the number of doors. A warehouse should have one primary door that is for entering and leaving. This door should be secure and any other doors should have emergency fire alarm bars that will sound when the door is opened.
  • Place dumpsters away from doors. Dumpsters are easy targets for thieves to store stolen goods until they come back to retrieve them later. If the dumpsters must be placed near doors, make sure you have a lock on them.
  • Make sure shipping and receiving docks aren’t too close together. If they are too close together, someone could easily move items from one dock to another. However, if they must be close together, there should be some kind of barrier separating the docks.
  • Restrooms and public areas should be located on the outside edges of the warehouse. If you have visitors in the warehouse, you don’t want them roaming round the interior of the warehouse with access to everything stored there. Keeping public areas on the outside perimeter of the warehouse helps keep security tight.

In addition to the layout of the warehouse, there are many security tools available to help keep the warehouse and your stored goods safe. From video surveillance systems to alarms, security products can be installed to make sure you are fully protected and offer you peace of mind. Find out about Reliable Delivery’s secure warehousing logistics solutions today.

Final Mile Service Considerations

By Ardy
On May 20, 2014

Everyone’s looking for ways to beat their competition, whether it’s with the quality of their product or the superiority of the services they offer. Although “final mile” is just one piece of a supply chain, it’s often a valuable piece that can’t be overlooked because it’s the one that touches consumers most directly. It’s also important because it could be exactly what gets your products to consumers faster than your competition can. But how do you what you should be considering when choosing a delivery company that offers these services? The questions and answers below can help you understand.

How close is your facility to my customers?

Proximity to your customers is what makes final mile delivery services work to your advantage. It’s reasonable to expect that delivery vehicles can cover some ground between the time they leave the warehouse and the moment the delivery is made. However, if the location of the provider could cause your delivery truck’s drive time to extend too long, this could diminish the value of the service. Choosing a final mile delivery service in close proximity to where your customers are located is your best bet.

How important are traffic patterns?

To put it simply, all miles aren’t created equal. For example, a truck traveling through an area with a small population could make it to the delivery destination much faster than a truck traveling through a booming metropolis, even if the miles they’re logging are the same.

How quickly do I need to get products and goods to my customers?

As with any mode of delivery, final mile may or may not suit your needs the best. Consult with your delivery company to find the solution that best meets your needs.

There are many ways to get your products into the hands of your customers, but final mile services offer what no other can. It’s the one part of your supply chain that directly touches the customer. And as any smart business owner knows, last impressions mean a lot and could be the reason why a customer chooses to continue business with you or not. We can help you make a strong impression on your customers with our final mile services. Contact us today!

“Next Flight Out” Explained

By Ardy
On May 14, 2014

“Next Flight Out,” or NFO, services are offered by courier companies that can get your delivery to its destination quickly, but at a reasonable rate. Most businesses today will have time-sensitive needs at some point, so this method of delivery is often the preferred method in situations where the time it takes to deliver something matters most. When a company partners with a courier service that offers Next Flight Out delivery, they benefit in many ways.

Next Flight Out Benefits

Next Flight Out gives you the ability to establish a solid reputation. Your customers will know you for your ability to get products to them quickly and reliably. With a good reputation, it’s more likely that you’ll have repeat customers. Customers will see your company as trustworthy and dependable, and they won’t look to someone else to handle their delivery needs.

In addition, this solid reputation can generate some buzz about your business. If your customers continue to enjoy working with you and find you to be dependable, they’re likely to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues. This can help you grow your business and connections.

At Reliable Delivery, we’re able to offer Next Flight Out services because our close proximity to major airports, including the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Bishop International Airport and Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Contact us today to learn more about our Next Flight Out services.

Top Reasons to Choose Expedited Delivery

By Ardy
On May 8, 2014

Today’s businesses have to operate seamlessly in order to meet customer demands and compete in our fast paced market. A large part of being able to do this is ensuring that shipping methods can efficiently meet customer expectations. Expedited delivery is just one of the many options a company has today.

Why Expedited Delivery?

Expedited delivery is best used for products that require same day or overnight shipping. Yet, the main reason for choosing a shipping method like this is usually for customer convenience. For instance, if a product needs to be shipped across the country to a destination by tomorrow, it’s unlikely that a regular shipping provider can make this happen. If the product doesn’t arrive, then your business reputation could be tarnished. With expedited shipping, deliveries can be made to the destination without the typical delays that could come with regular shipping providers.

Dependability is another reason to choose expedited delivery services. Businesses need to be able to readily meet customer demands, and expedited delivery services are just one way to help accomplish this and prove that they can be relied upon.

When products aren’t delivered when they’re needed, customers will take their business elsewhere, which is exactly what you don’t want to happen to your business. Choosing a company like Reliable Delivery to provide expedited delivery services can help you meet customer needs, operate efficiently and build a reputation as a company to be counted on. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Documentation for Crossing the Canadian Border

By Ardy
On April 29, 2014

Shipping to other countries requires a number of documents, and without those documents, you’re bound to have to deal with many headaches. Your shipments could be held up in customs and if you had time-sensitive deliveries, it’s unlikely that they’ll make it to their destination on time. The first thing you need to consider before shipping from the US to Canada is how you’re preparing your boxes. Each piece of freight should be clearly marked with a shipper’s name, origin address, consignee’s name, full destination address, order numbers, shipment gross weight, and an exporter’s certificate of origin if the goods qualify for reduced duty rates under NAFTA.

In addition, here is a list of other documentation you may need to ensure your deliveries cross the border safely and successfully, without delay.

  • Bill of Lading: This documentation is required at pickup.
  • Canada Customs Invoice (CCI): If the shipment is valued at $1600 (CDN) or more, this documentation is required at pickup.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration: This document is only needed if goods will be stored in Canada for re-exportation to another country.
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Import/Export License: This may be required for regulated products like alcohol, firearms, tobacco, and more.
  • Transportation and Exportation (T & E) Customs Bond: This might be required if the final destination of goods is outside Canada.

Reliable Delivery offers storage locations with close proximity to the Canadian border. We’re happy to store your goods while you gather the appropriate paperwork for your freight shipment. Contact us today to learn more about our warehousing solutions.

When You Should Choose Air Freight

By Ardy
On April 23, 2014

Every shipment you send out is important to your business and to your end customers, but choosing the right method of shipment is a critical aspect to consider. Although every delivery has its own level of importance, not every delivery calls for air freight services. So how do you know when to choose air freight and when not to? Here are a couple of scenarios that might help you better understand it.

Critical Equipment Needs

If you’ve ever been in a situation where a critical piece of equipment breaks down and you need a replacement delivered in a short time frame, then you know just how frustrating things can be. Time truly is money in this instance. Your business will continue to lose money the long the equipment is broken. However, with efficient management, it’s possible to get available replacement equipment to your facility quickly by choosing a logistics provider that can handle air freight.

Shipping Overseas is Expensive

Your business needs to ship something overseas and you’re under pressure to get it there quickly, but you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on shipping costs. Your gut might tell you that sea shipment is the most cost effective way to get the goods to their final destination, but you could be wrong. Consider the shipping costs, plus the customs and harbor fees in the destination country, and your costs could quickly add up. For small shipments, this might not be a very cost effective means of shipping, and that’s why you should consider air freight.

The most common use for air freight is in situations where you have a time-sensitive delivery. These time-sensitive deliveries are often situations that you have no time to plan for and you’re reacting to a problem or issue that arises without warning. With most other deliveries, you’ll have time to plan for them and shipping by ground or other means will make more sense.

Our close proximity to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport and the Detroit Metro Airport make it possible for us to assist with air freight shipments. Learn more about our locations today!

Grab Market Share with Expedited Delivery

By Ardy
On April 16, 2014

Today’s world is fast-paced and you can’t afford to have anything slow you down. When it comes down to the success of your business, it’s important that you always beat your competition, especially with product delivery times.

Getting your product in front of customers before your competitor does can help you win market and mindshare. Whether you have time-sensitive materials you need delivered, or you just want to provide the best possible customer service, you need an expedited delivery service that can meet your requirements.

Additional Advantages of Expedited Delivery

Choosing a delivery company that can provide expedited delivery services means you’ll enjoy other benefits as well. By using a delivery company like Reliable Delivery, you’ll enjoy:

  • Labor savings
  • Cost reduction for mailing equipment
  • Postage savings
  • Tracking and confirmation of each delivery
  • And more.

Expedited delivery takes the stress out of getting your products or finished goods to the end user quickly. Contact us to learn more about Reliable Delivery’s delivery services in Michigan and Ohio.